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I love to tickle hot, ticklish feet! For me tickling is the best thing there is… Straight, bi or gay are all welcome as long as you want to test your limits and explore your kinky side… You think you are too tough to be broken by being tickled? I dare you… I am a very nice, respectful guy that loves feet and tickling more than anything else!logo1tmfayl22

I travel all over the world (yes I have been from Australia to Canada so don´t hesitate to contact me even if you think you are very far away) All I ask is for you to have nice, clean, well taken care of ticklish feet.

All limits are always respected and I always give my tickleboys a safe word. Tickling is all about trust -at least for me- and the more you enjoy the experience, the more I will enjoy it too!


Every session is different as each person is different.  I love to make tickle fantasies come true.  No, I am not looking for models or people that want money to get tickled.  Although if you are very hot and have nice ticklish feet I may consider it lol.


Now… Have you ever imagined being restrained and used by another person? You are tied down, helpless and there is nothing you can do but take whatever your captor has in mind for you… In this case I will explore your whole body. NO spot will be left out…


Are you ticklish? he he he… Good… I will use that against you… Do you like having your feet and body worshipped? I will take off your shoes and socks to test your feet… We can go from mild to wild, as I enjoy tickling feet more than anything so if you want to keep the rest of your clothes on, that´s fine with me!


However, if you are looking for a more powerful experience, then I will try your knees, thighs, pits, ribs, sides, navel, balls, cock, etc… I will use my tickle toys… from the soft and erotic touch of feathers all the way to my hair brushes to make you go crazy with tickle pleasure…


Don´t worry if you get aroused. In fact I will love it if you are horny from my tickling! If you want to, I will make sure your cock is hard all the time… I want you to be as horny as you will ever be in your life…


Want to cum more than once? good… that´s the idea… I will slowly milk your cock alternating the tickle torture with a slow and erotic edging of your cock… I can make you cum several times only to tickle you after you do… I never get involved in anal sex (not into that at all) However asshole tickling can be so much fun hehehe… I am clean and D&D free and intend to remain that way.



There is only one thing to win here: The best sexual experience of your life doing something different that you know you´ve dreamt about but have never said it outloud… 


Want to be my tickle boy? My tickle toy? my tickle slave? Want to test your limits? CONTACT ME ASAP. Who knows? Maybe you are the guy I want to be with for the rest of my life…

REMEMBER I am looking for serious meetings, so please be ready to contact me with pictures and videos both of your face and feet.  You will get mine.  If interested email me with your pics and stats at ticklingmalefeet@hotmail.com or kik me ticklingmaster